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WKPT830A - Weighbridge Kit

Analogue weighbridges kit made up of 3590ET touch screen weight indicator with AF03 software for weighbridges, 8 stainless steel IP68 "RCPT" analogue load cells, complete with galvanized steel oscillating resting joints and equalisation box with surge arresters.

Kit for ANALOGUE weighbridges with 8 load cells. Composed of 3590ET indicator fitted with AF03 software, 2 inputs, 4 outputs and RS485 port, 8 RCPT30C3 analogue load cells with mounting kit, and JB10Q equalisation box with 10 inputs.

3590ET Touch screen indicator, specific for weighbridge.

Equalisation box with removable terminals and integrated surge arresters.

ANALOGUE load cells in stainless/nickel-plated steel.

TOTAL CAPACITY: 240t (8 x 30t cells). OIML R60. C3 precision class.

Load cell height 200mm (including cups height). Load cells connection cable length:18m.

Our Price £2,470.00 £2,964.00 List Price £3,804.00
More Information
Cable Length18m
Safe Overload150%
IP RatingNo Rating
Output mv/V2mV/V
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